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Dionysian Industrial Complex

CPLX 10 : Phillip Häxan – Lines

A new phase of releases on Dionysian Industrial.

We welcome Phillip Häxan who produces murky darkwave pop : slick indigo, coral and deep crimson digital arrangements, slathered in lo-fi gloom and topped with Häxan’s own disturbingly wobbly and processed baritone vocals. A Pete Murphy minotaur, wailing sorrowfully, as he shuffles through the endless dark corridors of his labyrinth beneath the sea.

This one-off single starts with a burst of bright digital harp, briefly illuminating the shadows. Before being engulfed again by rolling waves of arpeggiation. We hear dusty footsteps of percussion. And the distant echoes of the minotaur’s bellows and roars of pain, multiplied through the tunnels.

The minotaur’s heart is broken. His confidence shot. He struggles as to whether to allow himself brief flares of hope. As shoals of indefinite but polychromatic lead-synth swim by, momentarily re-illuminating the hard repetitive musical geometry of his twisted world.

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