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Dionysian Industrial Complex

CPLX 16 : The City and the Gallery

A playlist, originally for the Museu Nacional da República in Brasilia, selected in mid 2020 by the artist / curator : Gisel Carriconde Azevedo.

It’s list of artists who all have connections with the Brasilia electronic scene. Including several artists who have released on, or are friends of, this label

The theme of the mix is a journey from the city into the gallery and back. From a space of urban noise, bustle and excitement, to a space of quieter contemplation, though not one which is entirely safe or comfortable, as it is haunted with our own social and psychological demons. Nevertheless, the gallery provides space away from the distractions of the city, for deeper, more spiritual or just broader, longer-term considerations.



Tracklist :

  • J4ck Sh4rk – I Am Becoming The Worst I Can Be
  • Meduna – Prezata
  • Victor Valentim – Cinco
  • Ghales – Confetti Glyphs
  • Mentufacturer – A Piano Theme
  • Krispim – Cristal Molecule
  • Kurup – Bit Silêncio
  • mymk – Red Oak Hologram
  • Phillip Häxan – Lines
  • YPU, Palamar – Ansiedade
  • REC, Kino Lopes – Kapiroto, Pt 2
  • Dione Bigode – Rodent Love for Vintage Processed Trees
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